Heirloom Blush 

def. barely-there pastels, whimsical edging and delicate blossoms

This collection is airy, graceful and feminine. Romantic weddings and a wide range of morning and afternoon affairs suit this collection well. Hues of pale pink, muted lavender, bleached yellow, light blues and greens combine to create this splendid, unsaturated collection. 


Nautical Blue

def. classic Hamptons navy, cobalt and indigo blues 

This collection is classic and clean with its seafaring prints and monochromatic florals; it is also a great choice for outdoor affairs and anything requiring breezy skies and bare feet.  Equal parts laid back and formal, this collection’s nautical prints, cobalt blooms and Mediterranean-inspired indigo patterns pair perfectly with hydrangeas or sunflowers.  [95% monochromatic indigo, cobalt and navy blues, 5% complimentary nautical elements]